Cheatsheets and Tools

Useful Materials for Mahjong Players

Posted by John Canning on Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Cheatsheets and Tools

Mahjong is a complicated game. It’s hard to remember all the terms, the winning conditions, the scoring, and all the rules. Many players don’t feel comfortable remember all of that while at the table, so it’s convenient to have some “cheat” sheets available for reference.


This presentation is both a slide show and a set of cheat sheets for mahjong. The presentation covers some of the introductory information about tiles from our Begginer’s Guide to Mahjong. It provides a lot of information about the Unicode characters that represent mahjong tiles. Look for the Player Guide slides in the presentation. These provide convenient cheatsheets that can be printed and carried with you when you play mahjong. They cover the yaku and point scoring. There’s a cheatsheet for all the chinese character tiles, too.

The presentation also contains slides that can be printed to make a center card. The center card is placed in the middle of the mahjong mat to provide a handy visual reference for the current seat winds. It’s rotated as the dealership passes. It also shows the sequence of the wind and dragon tiles for determining the dora tile from the indicator. The back of the card has the scoring tables.


If having a printed chart isn’t to your liking, you may want an online resource for computing the score of a hand. Once you know the han and fu values of a hand, plus whether the dealer won and whether it was won by drawing from the wall (tsumo) or not, you can determine the hand’s value from our handy online calculator. You may notice a timer at the bottom of the point calculator. That’s part of our club’s web site for showing everyone how much time is left in one of our rounds. Since people are frequently referncing the point calculator during play, it’s convenient to have both on the same screen.