Guide to Counting Fu

How to Count the Points In Your Mahjong Hand

Posted by Seattle Riichi Mahjong Club on Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Counting Fu - Points in the Hand

This is a guide to counting the points in a winning mahjong hand. These points are called “fu”. They are different from the winning condition or “yaku” which applies to the overall pattern of the tiles in the hand. The “yaku” determine the “han” value of the hand. See our guide to basic yaku for a description of han values.

To count the fu points in a hand, go through the following sequence.

  1. A winning hand (other than Chitoitsu) is scored with 20 starting fu.
  2. Ten fu are added if the hand is closed and the winning tile comes from a discard (not drawn from the wall).
  3. Add fu of the triplets, quads, and the pair (see chart below). Sequences are not worth any fu.
  4. Add fu according to the wait (see chart below).
  5. Add 2 fu if one wins by self-draw.
  6. Round up to the nearest multiple of 10.
  7. Winning with Chitoitsu is an automatic 25 fu with no rounding up.


Total Score

Once you know the han and fu values of a hand, plus whether the dealer won and whether it was won by drawing from the wall (tsumo) or not, you can determine the hand’s value from a chart or use our handy online calculator. There can also be scores from honba (when the dealer remains dealer for multiple hands) and unclaimed riichi bets.